New Year New Decade, the roaring 20’s

This year I made a New Years Resolutions list! Ive gone years without making even one NY resoultion and here I am with a bucket load!

My main one is learn how to use my Bernina 770s sewing machine, more specifically how to use the button hole function and while Im at it I should also learn how to put a zip in. Why I have such resistance to watching a few minutes on you tube or opening up the manual, I have no idea. Anyway 2020 will see me learning all about my amazing machine and what it can do for me.

Number 2 sewing resolution is to sew in 20 mins blocks: this was something I dabbled with last year and I think its something that could really help me make more items. I often have multiple small blocks of time and I will now plan out my garments in 20 min tasks rather than necessarily following the instructions in order…i will just have to see how this goes.

Number 3 Learn how to make my own jeans.

Number 4 Continue my zero waste knitting and sewing practice and try and extend that to all the crafts I do.

Number 5 Try more crafts