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christmas fabric

Christmas is coming…and my stash is still fat

Christmas fabric from John Lewis
New Christmas Fabric from John Lewis Oxford Street

I happened to be showing Little One the christmas lights in oxford street when I realised how close I was to John Lewis, so off we went for a look. I wasn’t going to buy but then I saw these 2 beauties and all was lost. The red one i bought 2 meters and made a long table runner for our dinning room table and the white one (that looks oddly pink in all the photos) with birds and glitter was for our eldest as I wanted to make her a table cloth, for her expanding kitchen table.

As I have mentioned before I have lost my sewjo and decided that “Perfection is the enemy of progress” quite right Mr Churchill so I folded the 2 meters down the centre and just cut, no measuring. Then I joined to the two pieces, end to end to make one very long table runner. I didn’t even hem the side which had the selvage. All very sloppy in my book but it got done and was on the table for the entire christmas period.

Winter Birds (according to the selvage) also was quickly hemed but not the salvage side, and Tada there was a gorgeous table cloth.

Hubbies annual Christmas jumper works Christmas jumper competition was fast approaching and as i lost last year (my jumper was considered an ensemble) I decided in the spirit of recycle and re use i would update the one I made the year before. NOt much to do this time as I just sewed on baubles, as you do, and filled the calendar with chocolates to bribe people in his office to vote for the jumper and hey presto I won again this year.

Up cycled christmas jumper