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First Birthday Party Dress Fit For a Princess!

I was given this pattern by my pattern cutting lecturer at Morley College last year and I like the fact that it is was a simple style, and wanted to make it up but was waiting for the right occasion. My Little One is now 5 and I made most of her clothes far too big (as in the early days I was worried I would not finish them before she outgrew them! My worst nightmare) Consequently she has loads of summer dresses she had hardly worn.

So when I heard my cousin was having a baby I fished out the dress pattern to make for her little one. It’s particularly good for smaller children as it doesn’t have a zip or buttons or hooks. Also, the bows on the shoulder mean that it will go up and down a size or two. I also wondered what it would be like made up in party fabric. I asked my cousin what her favourite colours were and then I was off to one of my happy places Sewing and Craft superstore

And here she is all finished. I was really happy with the way she came out. I would make her again for sure. The only thing I did differently to the instructions was cut the bodice twice (i wanted the lilac and pink to show in the bows and stitched them together and then bagged out the bodice. Then I cut the skirt twice, once in satin and once in organza.

Perfect for a 1-year-old Princess. And fast and easy as Butterick claim.

Butterick 3859 Fast and Easy

Royal Wedding Sew Along with McCalls

I have decided to join the royal wedding sew along by McCalls. Firstly I am going to a wonderful wedding that day and I also have never sewn occasion wear for myself only my Little One.

I ran into all sorts of problems as I couldn’t decide which pattern as you can see below. Some were too over the top and other were too understated and weren’t going to stretch my sewing skills.

In the end, the ‘convertible’ won. I chose this pattern as it is a simple shift dress with a fancy overskirt that you can button on and off, ideal as I love to dance.

I have decided to do version C and E. This is because as my friend would prefer us guests to wear green,  so I feel I will get the most amount of wear out of a short version.

So now for the fun bit of to buy fabric, worth breaking my fabric diet over, I don’t own anything green (long story to do with my Grandad,  Green Chartreuse, and a racehorse ;-0 ) so it was buy, or make, and where is the fun in buying when you can make it at twice the price, in double the time it would have taken to find one…only kidding, I hope.

royal wedding sew along
silk and silk chiffon to make my entry for the royal wedding sew along
the finished dress and hat

Sophia Skirt with extra pleats from Simple Sew Patterns

This make for Simple Sew Patterns is the Sophia skirt. I used lovely black denim from fabric land as I wanted this skirt for the winter autumn months.

The skirt is made of 3 panels, pockets, and a waistband, so it was super quick to cut.

The front and back is made of 3 panels

The photo above shows the front panel and the 2 side panel.

I took 2 inches off the hem as I am 5ft 2.

I then marked the pleats on all the skirt panels

adding pleats on the Sophia skirt (inside view)

I found the pleats moved slightly when I stitched them, as the fabric had a slight bit of stretch, so I secured them with more pins.

I added a few extra pleats at the front and then basted across all the pleats.

Adding the waistband


I cut one side of the pockets in this lovely floral cotton also from fabric land

Sewing in the pockets.

Here she is with the extra pleats at the front and the waistband finished

Here she is with extra pleats

And teamed with my first knitted cardigan (more about that knit later)